Captive Portal showing different IP address from routed subnet

  • If I access a site via the captive portal from a directly connected IP to the LAN, the IP returned in the URL is correct (in my case, source IP is and URL returned is  If I attempt to connect to a site from an IP that is routed through another router that hits the Captive Portal, the IP returned is NOT the IP of the captive portal - but an IP associated with the site attempting to contact (source IP is and URL returned is {attempting to hit "").  All clients are told to use the pfSense as their DNS server and I do get the Captive Portal - but it appears to cause some issues with redirecting on those clients not on the same LAN as the pfSense box.  Any clues as to why it is doing this?

  • I solved my own problem by using the HTTPS name method mentioned in this post:,53846.0.html

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