PfSense in bridged mode and using the router's wireless

  • I'm currently using my D-Link DSL-2740B as a modem (pfSense is bridged, the router does all the internet connecting)

    But the router has a good wireless chip & capabilities. Can I use the wireless in it, but have the traffic routed to pfSense (then pfSense manages the connections, and sends everything back to the router)?

  • If you have your router in bridge mode, pfsense is doing the connections. Are you using pppoe?

  • Yes, I am using PPPoE

    I know that pfSense is doing the connections, but the wireless is integrated in the router (if someone connects to it, they're connected directly to the net)

  • There's no way to route connections thru your router if it's not routing it self. Best way is to use bridged mode router or modem and wifi ap connected to pfsense. You can use your d-link. But you have to get another router/modem.

  • So it's not possible to make a routing rule from WLAN to one of the LAN ports which then goes to lan0 on pfSense?

  • Maybe. The problem there will be your router. The router will have to bridge the port from the switch to wireless.

  • You mean it depends on the router, and seeing how most consumer grade routers aren't advanced enough you don't think it's doable?

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