Webconfigurator fails if no active internet connection present during boot-up

  • Hi, I'm running 2.0 pfsense and have it configured for several openvpn tunnels, firewall and gernal basic routing functions. If I cold boot the unit without a working Internet connection present, I get an error during boot-up stating the Loading Webconfigurator… failed and I cannot access the GUI configuration system. Even after restarting the Webconfigurator from the command line options via the serial port. If the Internet connection fails after the pfsense box has booted then the web gui works fine - this only happens if I try to boot the system without an internet connection being available to the pfsense box during the boot-up process. I cannot fine any reference to this problem in any of the documentation that I've gone through (lots of it...).

    Any hints / suggestions would be grately appreciated as I have little hair remaining to pull out!

  • i also have the same problom  i think its pfsense  as it loses re1 the lan setting

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    what type of system do you have?

    The only way I could maybe see that happening is if your device had no RTC battery (or a dead one) and booted with a very, very far off clock, and lighttpd might refuse to load the cert, though I didn't think it even cared about that.

    First, upgrade the system to 2.0.3. If it still happens there, once it boots up, from the console, go to a shell and run:

    clog /var/log/system.log

    And see if there are any clues there about why it didn't load.

    It wouldn't lose interface settings just because it was unplugged, unless it gets those interface settings from DHCP or PPPoE.

  • This is happening to me right now.  Internet is down (No IP on the WAN - Me and half the North East coast apparently) and so I bounced the pfsense box, not knowing that everything connected to FIOS for surrounding 4 states was offline, and it reboots just fine but no webconfigurator.  Verified the time in bios and that was fine.  Could it be possible pfsense was unable to read time from the onboard clock properly?

    Anyway - very strange.  I suspect its a problem that will correct its self when internet outage is over.  I'm going to try revert to http and see if that has any effect.

    (Reverting to webconfigurator had no effect at all.)

    Changing this to HTTP was a really bad idea.  Accomplished nothing.  Created work for myself.
    Easy work around was to throw a DD-WRT router in front of pfsense and then boot it so that it could grab an IP via DHCP from that router.  Even though there was no internet connectivity, this fixed the webconfigurator starting issue.  Once the normal internet returned, this problem disappeared.

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