Traffic shaping wizard broken with VMXNET3?

  • Hi,

    I finally got VMXNET3 working in my pfSense 2.1 VM. It was crashing like crazy at first, so I went back to a default config and then started adding in my original config one piece at a time. The last and most complicated bit was traffic shaping.

    In my current config with 1 LAN and 1 WAN interface (both VMXNET3) the wizards all fail with "You have less interfaces than number of connections!" messages. Even though the dashboard clearly shows that I have 1 of each interfaces.

    What am I missing? Is shaping completely broken with vm interfaces? Most likely it is something stupid I am doing. Help greatly appreciated!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It is entirely possible that the vmxnet driver does not support ALTQ shaping, and there isn't anything we can really do about that.

    I haven't seen a definitive answer though, I see some other references to people who tried it before and couldn't make it work. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a driver limitation, it could just be that our code doesn't list/detect that feature on the NIC driver.

    But if it (a) doesn't support ALTQ, or (b) claims to support it but it isn't stable, then that's something the VMware/FreeBSD tools crew needs to fix, not us.

  • OK. Thanks for the update. I'll do some groping around on that topic.

    Is there a handy command to dump interface features/modes in FreeBSD? Maybe the output of that could be helpful on what PF is seeing.


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