Any interest in a pfsense OpenVPN stress tester?

  • I was wondering if there was any interest in an OpenVPN stress tester.  I have a solution using the free tier of Amazon EC2 that tests both large numbers of connections (right now, 8 tunnels per EC2 instance, and 20 EC2 instances), as well as bandwidth (downloading a file over a random tunnel VPN every 15 seconds).

    Its fully automated (except for a bit of pfSense setup– setting up tunnels, setting up a lighthttp instance); launch an instance, it auto-connects, and runs a cron-job that both hammers the bandwidth, and downloads any script updates you've made.

    It would take a little bit of work to sanitize the AMI for use, but if there is any interest I would be happy to share and provide instructions.

  • I am very intrested in this!!

    Please provide instructions!

    Best regards


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