Logging traffic from users using captive portal…

  • Hi,

    Contemplating using pfSense for a project where a WIFI hotspot is set up for customers at a shop. Since the law here in Denmark states that users are to be logged and identifiable on a hotspot like this, I was wondering if it is possible to log which voucher ID the user has logged in with along with what IP address the user has?

    So in case the authorities show up it would be possible to search the database for the IP address generating the traffic and map it back to the voucher ID (which then in turn could be mapped to the customer on another system)?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is sent to the captive portal auth log, so if you setup a syslog server to keep those records as long as the law requires, it should suffice. Though tying a user's external traffic to their internal IP is tougher, for that you may need to setup and keep netflow records for the same time period.

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