OpenVPN and LDAP - Could not bind to server

  • Several other students and I are creating coursework with our College's Dean to setup a mock datacenter for future students. We have one public IP that we filter traffic through and have an OpenVPN setup for. We currently have OpenVPN working through a local authentication setup in pfSense.

    Our ultimate plan is to allow for students to authenticate off of our university's LDAP server. We were given all of the LDAP information that is used by our College's web administrator that we currently use for students to login to any of our college's applications. We verified all information was correct. However, whenever I click on "Select" next to Authentication Containers, we continuously receive the error: "Could not connect to the LDAP server. Please check your LDAP configuration."

    The System logs show these messages:
    php: /diag_authentication.php: ERROR! Could not bind to server FSU-LDAP.
    php: /system_usermanager_settings_ldapacpicker.php: ERROR! ldap_get_user_ous() could not bind to server

    We have verified that the ACL's are correct and we should have access to the LDAP and LDAPS ports. I have done hours of researching with no real answers as to what I can look into as far as troubleshooting.

    From my understanding, the university uses a LDAP eDir server. The configuration file we were given is called ldap.conf which I can only assume is pulled from an OpenLDAP setup from our web-servers (running on Ubuntu). There are several "pam" and "nss_map" settings throughout the file. However, we are not given any options in pfSense to work with those.

    Is there any place I can look for a configuration file that I could try to match up some of these with?

    Does anyone else have experience with this? We do not have any access whatsoever to the LDAP servers other than a proxy user account for the Bind DN and password.

  • Forgot to note that I running pfSense 2.0.3 on an ESXi Virtual Machine. The underlying hardware is a Sun server from 2007. Dual AMD Opteron Dual-Core CPU with 8GB of RAM.

  • Anyone had experience with setting up LDAP with OpenVPN?  :-\

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