Connecting to an OpenVPN Service

  • Hi,

    I am new to the forums and I have tried to find the answer with searches to no avail.

    I have Pfsense up and running pretty smoothly and I have to say it is working really well.

    The issue I am having is this:

    1.  I have a VPN Service that I have subscribed to.
    2.  I want pfsense to be the gateway to all other clients (I have configured this already).
    3.  I want pfsense to connect to the VPN Service directly.
    4.  I want all the clients that pfsense looks after to be able to automatically be connected to the VPN Service as if it was installed on the local client PC.

    So basically all my traffic goes to the VPN Server.

    Basic map as below:

    5 clients  >>>>>  PFSENSE  >>>>>  VPN Service  >>>>> WAN

    I have tried to set this up but I have nothing working.

    At the moment I have the following files held locally:


    I just dont know where to go from here

  • Hi,

    Wondered if you can help.

    Do you know of any instructions I can use as a template to try and work out how to get my VPN service working?


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