Problem with bridged mode and VDS (virtual distributed switch)

  • For some reason, I cannot get pfsense to operate in a bridged mode in a vsphere 5 environment using a VDS. I've followed all the documentation at, enabled promiscuous mode on the port groups, enabled (1), etc. Has anyone had any luck with this? Here's my details:

    • pfsense 2.0.3 x64 VM, 4CPU, 4GB mem
    • Followed this guide: (by William Tarrh)
    • vSphere 5.1 using vDS (virtual distributed switch)
    • Promiscuous mode enabled on LAN and WAN port groups
    • 3 virtual NICs (WAN, LAN, MGMT)
    • 4 pfsense interfaces (WAN, LAN, MGMT, and BRIDGE)
    • BRIDGE interface includes WAN and LAN


    • My centos VM on the LAN has a public IP address, but cannot even ping the WAN gateway
    • When I put the centos VM on the WAN port, it can ping the WAN gateway just fine
    • Both VMs are on the same ESX host (shouldn't matter though with VDS)
    • Everything else on the VDS works just fine (hardware is Cisco 5548 10G switch)
    • NAT mode works just fine
    • All interface FW rules set to "ALLOW ALL"
    • Changed NAT to manual (no NAT rules)

    EDIT: I also tried pfsense 2.0.2 and got the same results.

    All comments appreciated.



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