No internet connection when using openVPN

  • Can anybody help me please. I Dont know what Im doing wrong, Here my set up, Ive successfully set up OpenVPN on my pfsense box in my office then downloaded the openvpn setup file using openVPN export utility. Ive also installed the set up file and connected to openVPN in my office to my home computer. Now heres where the headache starts, each time I connec to open VPN i lose internet connectivity and although I can PING my office computers LAN IP not one computer appears on the network of my home computer. Any ideas please?

  • I guess you are using TUN (tunnel) mode. In that case you are routed to your office network. You don't see broadcasts from the office LAN, so you don't see windows shares etc just appearing. You need to access shares by IP address (for nerds  ;) or provide a DNS domain and server in your OpenVPN Server settings so that you can resolve and use names of devices on the office LAN. In the end though, you have to know the names of stuff on the office LAN, they won't just appear when browsing the network.
    Losing internet connectivity - maybe you have selected "Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel."? and for whatever reason, the office pfSense doesn't like that traffic (no firewall rules to allow it in/out…)
    If you still have questions, post more detail of your configs - office LAN subnet, home subnet, tunnel network, other OpenVPN settings...

  • I followed a tutorial I found on youtube. Link Followed it exactly as show yet i still get the problems  i mentioned

  • What version of PFsense?

    Post a network map.

    Post your server1.conf

    Post your firewall rules.

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