Openvpn tunnels settings accessing local network

  • Hi Guys,

    I have recently switched from pptp to openvpn and everything works fine apart from one thing
    on the tunnel settings , you are given a choice to allow access to your local network. is it possible to put more than 1 network in this field? I dont want to be restricted to just my LAN, i also want to access other subnets such as and mngmnt)

    can someone help.


  • On 2.0.n put your ordinary LAN in the Local Network field and (push route) statements in the advanced box, separated by ";"

    push "route";push "route"

    On 2.1 you can put a comma-separated list of networks in the Local Network field - no need to use the advanced box.
    Make sure the firewall rules on OpenVPN allow the traffic to/from all the networks you want to reach.

  • thank you very much

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