Need Help Open Vpn Client fail to connect.

  • I m using Version 2.2.1

    Error msg : TLS Error : TLS Key negotiation failed to occur within 60 sec
                    TLS Error: TLS Handshake Failed..

    All my Client Machine having same issue.

    NeED HElp

  • I guess you mean 2.2.1 OpenVPN client export package installed on the client PCs.
    The error really just means that the client got no response from the server. That can be due to a heap of causes:

    • Server port is blocked on pfSense
    • Server DNS name doesn't translate to the correct IP address (or a hard-coded IP address is wrong)
    • The network the client is on is blocking traffic to the standard OpenVPN well-known port 1194 (use a different port)
    • Some routing issue means the initial packet/s from the client never reach the server
    • The client is being tested from within your network - test from a real network outside.

    If the above thoughts don't result in spotting the issue/error then post more info and we can try to help:
    What pfSense version is the server?
    What interface and port is the OpenVPN server listening on?
    UDP or TCP?
    TUN or TAP?
    What firewall rules have been added to allow the incoming connects from clients?

  • perhaps it helps to increase verbose logging:

    advanced options: "verb 3" should be enough (or "verb 5" for even more)

  • Post network map.

    Post server1.conf

    Post firewall rules.

    Post client config.

  • Dear,

    I try to upload fail due to the file size.. I try zip also cannot..

    Any idea>?

  • For the configs, just post the text.  For the firewall rules… take screen shots, upload them to photobucket and post using img tags.

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