Slow Client

  • Hi,

    I've done some testing using a VPN providers service and find the speeds slower than I'd expected.

    I've looked and tried the suggestion in this thread…,47567.0.html

    Which did not help.

    I'm using UDP. When trying the same server on OpenVPN in windows (UDP) the speed is like 10mb.
    Within pfSense it's 5.5-6mb MAX.

    I migrated from a commercial router to pfSense to get the best speeds possible from OpenVPN.
    So I'm keen to achieve the best possible result.

    The system I am running it from is an Atom 1.8. When downloading at the 5.5 - 6mb I'm only seeing 24-26% CPU usage.
    And very low RAM usage (system has 4GB of ram).

    Does anyone please have a suggestion to what might be holding it back?
    Is this a limitation of OpenVPN within pfSense?

  • No one can help me?

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