Xenserver Tools for pfsense

  • Hi,

    Anyone ever tried to install "xenserver tools" in pfsense? is possible?


  • bump/me too

  • bump/me too.  With the recent announcement of XenServer being fully open sourced, we are starting the testing phase of moving our ESXi (free) servers (currently 70+) and have around 10 pfSense VMs in the mix that would greatly benefit from xstools.

  • Boa tarde, gostaria de saber se alguém sabe inserir mais de 8 interfaces de rede??

  • +1 :)

    I too am evaluating Xenserver 6.2 to migrate from ESXi and would like to know if the xentools exists and would like to hear from your experience running pfSense on Xen

  • pfsense runs on FreeBSD… XenServer does not support FreeBSD at this time, therefore XenTools will not work.

    I highly recommend against virtualizing pfsense in a XenServer environment as you will encounter performance degradation from the kernel running in an emulated state.

    I currently run two virtual pfsense instances on XenServer but only for backend VPN access, and basic internet access. Most of my tests I was unable to exceed 30Mb/s from the virtual pfsense instances.

    Hopefully this will be addressed soon, or maybe it already has... but I haven't seen anything as of yet.

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