[Solved]Traffic Graphs - In and out values seem transposed

  • I have one PC on my LAN doing a large download and looking at the LAN Traffic Graph. The IN value is 431Kbps with an OUT value of 11.16Mbps.

    Given that I know I am downloading a large amount of data, these values seem to be the wrong way round. Can someone shed some light?  8)

  • I believe that the "sense" of it is from the perspective of the firewall, not hosts that are attached to it.

    That is, packets leaving the firewall (your download data) are going in the OUT direction, and packets entering the firewall (your TCP ACKs) are going in the IN direction.

    If you were looking at the WAN Traffic Graph, it probably would look like what you were expecting.

  • Knew there was a simple answer, just could not see it. Thanks

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