PfSense as OpenVPN client from my VPS

  • Hi,
    I've purchased a small VPS and I want to connect it to my home network throught OpenVPN.
    I've already installed and configured OpenVPN Server on VPS and connecting from my laptop all works nice.
    I configured pfSense as OpenVPN client and the connection works (I can see succesful connection in pfSense).
    Now the problem is: what I have to do to reach the other side of VPN from my LAN?
    If I try to ping from any pfSense interface the VPS I haven't got any reply..

    I don't wont to make all my home internet traffic throught VPN, I want only to remove some service (like FTP, SSH or WEBMIN) from public and reach them only throught VPN

    Can you help me?

    Many thanks

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