OPENvpn with Torguard

  • Hi,

    I subscribe to Torguard's vpn service and I would like to connect my entire network behind the VPN.  Originally I was planning on just using a DD-WRT flashed router to handle this, however my internet speed drops from 20Mbps to 5Mbps.  I get 12 Mbps download speed using the OPENvpn software on my desktop, so I know better speeds are available than my router was allowing.  So I decided to use an old computer and pfSense to make a better and faster router.  Originally I was just planning on using PPTP through pfsense, but even that is proving to be more difficult then I had anticipated.

    I've tried to use the StrongVPN tutorial to see if I could use those steps to guide me through what I need to configure for Torguard, but I seem to be missing some files that come in the StrongVPN package.

    Can anyone help guide me through the differences between what Torguard requires vs StrongVPN?

    I don't have a networking background and VPN's are quite new to me.

    The tutorials I am trying to use are for a DD-wrt router, but I figured all the info should be within both setups.

    any advice would be helpful


  • Just to add some more information, when installing the OPENVpn onto a dd-wrt router, all one has to do is copy and paste the contents of a downloaded file, add in their username/password, and click run script.

    I can't seem to figure out how or where to enter my login information into the certificate manager in pfsense as all the other tutorials seem to have a second .crt file that has the authentication in it.

    I was hoping with the info in the script, and the directions in the Torguard quick start guides, that I would be able to kind the appropriate settings and use pfsense.  I have contacted their support department which isn't very helpful.  So now I'm hoping someone here who understands networking and VPNs better than I, may be able to direct me towards the correct direction.


  • Interesting - I suspect with the recent NSA revelations there may be more interest in this.  Did you get it working?

    I'm thinking about doing the same thing myself and, like you, haven't played with VPN's before - but I think it's time to try this out with pfSense.

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