Am I able to modify re-authenticate every minute to other value?

  • I'm afraid that re-authenticate every minute would cause too much pressure on the radius server, is it possible to modify the re-authenticate time (every minute) to 30 minutes?

  • Not without changing the source. Digging around in the source, you'll find and can change it.

  • After digging around, there is post on m0n0wall forum. It seems re-authenticate time interval could be changed in xml config file.

    We use FreeRadius and Rodopi billing software. We setup a test gateway and
    enabled captive portal using PFSense. We did not specify an idle timeout
    or hard time. We enabled "re-authenticate user every 1 minute". We cannot
    enable hard timeouts or idle timeouts for fear VOIP customers will get
    sideways. So our only option is to re-authenticate every 1 minute in order
    to terminate their service if they fail to pay their subscription.

    Since the billing system only runs once per day to cut off users
    (essentially just makes them absent in the RADIUS users file), is there a
    way to change this 1 minute to 1 hour or 1 day? If so, would I be making
    resource problems worse by forcing the gateway to track things longer?
    Yes, its a hidden option in the configuration (meaning you should backup
    your config, manually adapt it and restore the adapted config)


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