How to masquerade the IP of CP's machine?

  • In the default settings, when the CP is active when a user tries to access the Wifi (as an example) is being redirected to the splash page. My concern is that the ip of the machine who has the splash page is showing. How is it possible to masquerade it? Lets say instead of showing to the guest WiFi users… (i think) to be something

    Sorry if my question is kinda stupid... :-\

    Thank you in advance guys.

  • Use HTTPS and put in a hostname. Other than that, there isn't a way. You're not hiding anything regardless, it's impossible to make a machine connect somewhere without that machine knowing what IP it's connecting to, not sure what "problem" you're trying to solve.

  • Cmb thank you for your advise. Actually, i post the question because i wanted to know if the above can be done. Specifically, instead of IP i wanted the user to see a domain name. All of them are connecting with smartphones or tablets by the way. How is that possible?

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