Pfsense2.01 help need to open ports for Vmware PC with different vitrual lans!!!

  • Hi guys

    i am having som issues trying to open ports on my pfsense machine for virtual lans from other pcs..

    here is my basic setup

    Modem(adsl2+) in bridge mode -> Pfsense WAN port - > pfsense dhcp server lan port -> hub switch 16ports -> to PC machines

    so basically i have pfsense to negotiate wan autentication and then provide access to my other machines on the network via dhcp server, trough hub switch conected to my LAN card on pfsense.

    but now i have installed vmware in one PC machine and i am running other 3 VM OS in the same machine, so when i log in the VMos it assignf me a virtual lan ip address.

    so i can navigate online trought vmachine ok, but when i try to open specific ports on NAT opcion from pfsense using the Virtual machine ip address it does not wokr.

    as anyone got some information on how to route this trough so i can open ports on NAT from pfsense to other virtual ips ??????

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