Understanding webConfigurator lockout rule conditions

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    Was having webGUI connection issues. Discovered that the ip was blocked in the webConfigurator lockout table. The source IP in question is not part of the WAN or LAN networks, and their was a rule on the WAN interface to let this source IP access the webGUI.

    "Disable webConfigurator anti-lockout rule rule" was NOT checked.

    block drop in log quick proto tcp from <webconfiguratorlockout:1> to any port = http label "webConfiguratorlockout</webconfiguratorlockout:1>

    Just trying to do a post-mortem and understand what conditions triggered the addition of the IP to the lockout table. It may very well have been in the table prior to the addition of the explicit rule additions to the WAN interface. All connections to the webGUI are over the WAN interface.

    Great product!!!! We love it and our customers love it.

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    The main way to land in that table is to repeatedly fail authentication in a short span of time. It helps prevent brute-force login attempts.