• Hi,

    First post for me. I have used pfsense for a couple of years but never virtual.

    Im trying to do my first install in esxi. The install works fine after reading and Google.

    The setup is: DQ77kb 2 intel nics with a I3.

    My problem is, I want to manage my WM client from the lan side. The WM client shuld have own ip adress in Lan side and all the lan clients on the same fysical nic.

    Example - I give WM client and in pfsense -, or is this wrong?

    I hope you understand my bad spelling :-\

    Best regards

    Edit: Its working now, I hade to hurry :D

  • Hi,

    Now I have two identical pc:s with Esxi and Pfsense.
    Both working but hangs and stops working after a couple of weeks.
    They have no connection to earchather!
    I dont see any wrong i Esxi logs?
    After restart they working again, for a couple of weeks :'(

    Can someone help me what I shuld look after