Captive Portal lightsquid show usernames

  • Hello All,


    Our k-12 school has used pfSense at two school buildings for about 3 years now,,and has been working great! We are now to were we  think we need to enable a Captive Portal setup,due to the heavy influx of BYOD. I have done several searches and seem to get many conflicting reports on getting a handle on lighsquid reporting.
    We would want to be able to have lighsquid report the logged in username,rather than the machine ipaddress.

    We are planning on setting up RADIUS/IAS on the Windows Server 2003 and enabling the RADIUS feature in the captive portal configuration page. Seeing show I have never delt with before,,I am sure,,there will be caveats unknown to me,,on tweaking to make this actually work.
    I looked in the DOCS/Tutorials,and never found an actual step by step of the setup for this?
    Bottom Line: Will captive portal squid squidGuard with RADIUS be able to send to lightsquid the AD logged in username(S)?.

    Thank You,

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