2.0.3 portal not showing up

  • Hi
    I configured CP on a OPTx interface. I have a single local user to authenticate.
    The problem is that the page to login does not show up.
    Clients correctly get an IP from pfSense's DHCP on that interface.
    If I add the mac/ip to the bypass list, they pass ok and surf.
    Have no way to exit to the internet in any other way.

    I have squid listening on a different (LAN) interface.
    My system log is filled with

    php: /services_captiveportal_ip.php: The command '/sbin/ipfw table 10 delete' returned exit code '71', the output was 'ipfw: setsockopt(IP_FW_TABLE_DEL): No such process'

    Portal auth log shows
    php[43377]: /index.php: Session timed out for user 'admin' from: (which is the vpn i'm coming from, obviously nothing to do with CP)

    Captive portal is shown running in the status->services.
    Restarted the whole thing several times.
    Status->captive portal shows no activity.

    Set up several CP with previous versions and had no problems, the only difference here is the OPTx interface instead of LAN.
    Of course CP is bound to the right OPTx interface.

    Running 2.0.3 i386 in a VM.
    Any idea where to look for some log?


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