Captive portal not using redirurl=

  • I am having an issue.  Since I upgraded to the newest released version the captive portal is not using the rediturl correctly.  Here is what I see in the browser bar.

    When I click on the accept button on the bottom of the page this is the URL that is put back in my browser.

    This confuses my users but if they just type after the first accept then things work.  Any ideas as were to check for the problem?

    Oh yeah I forgot this at first but the version I am running is 2.0.3-RELEASE

  • Anyone have any ideas?  I am just not sure where to start troubleshooting.

  • I might have found my own issue.  It looks like when I made a change to the captive portal page I did not have the correct lines in the html.  I am going to test in the next couple of days and see if that works.

  • The problem was the day I did the upgrade I also changed my captive portal page by changing a phone number in the text part.  I did this clicking the link to "View current page".  I changed the number and loaded it back.  The only issue is that when I pulled it from the link the line

    <form method="post" action="$PORTAL_ACTION$">

    was changed to

    I change it back to and redirurl started working.

    Thanks for anyone who looked at this.  Hopefully somone else will not fall into the same mistake I did.