VMXNET3 pfSense 2.0.3 amd64

  • Does anyone have a working step by step procedure on how to get vmxnet3 drivers loaded and make them work on 2.0.3 amd64 ESXi 5.1? This is for Intel Gigabit ports

    I have been looking through the forums where folks claim to have installed and configured vmxnet3 drivers but honestly none working for amd64. VMTools run fine on 2.0.3 and I can easily swap em0..em12.. etc to vxn0..vxn1.. etc after the VMTools install. But if I try to add vmxnet3 insted of vmxnet2.. pfSesne fails to detect them.

    Would highly appreciate if anyone who has this working can post the step by step directions on how to make it work under 2.0.3 amd64.

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