Captive Portal Slow to redirect -Troubleshooting help needed

  • I have an issue with the PFsence captive portal for quite some time.  It is not a show stopper in any way but I would like to know what is causing it and if there is a way I can stop it.

    Here are the symptoms.  A user starts their web browser and gets redirectd to the captive portal.  This is almost instantaneously.  Then the user reads the agreement and clicks the accept button.  After this it takes about 20 – 30 seconds to have the page redirected.  I know that it does not take that long to gain access because I can open a new tab and go to the webpage and it comes up before the redirected webpage comes up.

    Does anyone know of any logs that might help me determine why this takes so long?  I have sshed into the system and have looked around but knowing what to look at would help.

  • Just as a note as it might have something to do with the HTML this is in the code of the portal page.

    I know that

    is not in the HTML.  Is that an issue that would be causing things to slow down?

  • I have the same problem

  • Is there a predefined number of seconds in your code before it redirects?

    I think it would be nice to have that and place ads (fading or rolling images) before it redirects.

  • I often have the same issue. I think it occurs more often in the various iterations of Internet Explorer but I haven't tried to methodically figure it out. Either going to another URL or hitting submit again generally goes straight through.

  • Hello

    Anyone that figured out what is causing this ?

    I have this problem in 2.1-RC1.

  • Same problem here

  • Same problem here with:

    2.1-RELEASE  (i386) built on Wed Sep 11 18:16:50 EDT 2013
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p11

    Takes 20 sec. - If I use a manual "post-auth" page - then it jumps to it right away.

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