How to confgure Pfsense as router on Virtualbox for LAN computer.

  • I have two ISPs ISP A and ISP B. ISP A host our emails and ERP server it also provide internet but the speed is slow. ISP B only provides internet connection and the speed is fast. ISP A connects straight to the D-link router DI-330 and ISP B has WIMAX modem ZTE Ix256. We have 15 computers on the LAN. All the computers are suppose to access email and ERP server. sometimes other users want to connect to the internet through ISP B because it is fast. I have download PFSENSE software which i want to install on Virtualbox  on a machines which is running windows XP. i managed to install the pfsense on the virtualbox. The machine have two physical NIC installed one it is an inbuilt NIC and another one have one installed.  I have also set the network interface on the virtual machine. I have connected the WIMAX Router on one of the NIC which is for the WAN. I want all the computer on the network should go through the PFSENSE router whenever I would like to access internet and email and ERP server. The problem is that I that am not able to ping any website from the router through the WAN port. How can i configure the PFSENSE router on the Virtualbox? Is it possible to configure PFSENSE router on VirtualBOX so that all the users computer on the network should go through PFSENSE which is installed on the Virtualbox? Please am looking forward to hear from you.

  • in your wan interface, just select/check virtualbox bridge protocol only under local area connection.
    and your lan interface just remain as is or you can set statip ip

    WIMAX Router –---> wan interface ---------- [HOST pc w/ xp OS] –------------ lan interface ----> switch ----> client PC
                                (check only virtualbox bridge protocol)                          (check everything)

  • I would think for this scenario you would need 3 NICS,

    1 for each WAN (2)
    1 for LAN

    Then you would group the connections together and route them in whatever manner you want. Optionally you could then go into the pfsense firewall and direct all traffic on port 80/443 to go only thru the A gateway.

  • Help Please :( .. .Ok I am new to pfSense and I have tried a number of times to configure pfSense as my router but afte I configure my settings inside of the webGUI page ( It kicks me out and gives me a "This page can't be displayed" and I can't get any further then that.

  • first hello to all :-)
    i'am new here.

    ok, i have an working pfsense as router/firewall and a debian installation as client on virtual box.
    both NICs are configured with static addresses in pfsense (lan and wan and just ip4 network).

    setup values:
    first ethernet adapter is the NAT (select him as first NIC).
    second ethernet adapter is Host-Only (allow access for vms and host).

    pfsense config (i didn't use dhcp and configured both nics with static ips)

    wan config: ip is, gateway, dns and 192.168.*.1 (my physical router outside virtualbox u have to choose your router ip etc…)

    lan config: ips is

    and it workes fine.

    a nice day for all

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