Enabling SNMP with pfsense

  • Hi guys…i want to know how can i enable SNMP with pfsense and on other devices for interactions between them or gathreing the data about those devices .

    thank you .

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense's SNMP service is under Services > SNMP. Enable it there and choose the modules you want to enabled. That will let you poll the firewall for SNMP data about itself. If the client is located over a VPN, choose the LAN interface for binding to make sure the replies are properly handled on the firewall.

    For other devices, you'd need to poll them directly using SNMP. How that would be handled depends on where your SNMP client is. If it's local or over a VPN, just use the IPs directly. If it is on WAN, you probably shouldn't be querying SNMP directly that way since it could leak potentially sensitive information.