• I'm having some problems setting up StrongVPN on my pfsense box. I've followed the instructions in the sticky. Hope someone can help because I'd really like to get this setup soon. I'm on 2.1RC if that makes any difference. In my system log I get this information:

    Jun 1 10:34:35 	openvpn[35647]: Initialization Sequence Completed
    Jun 1 10:34:35 	openvpn[35647]: write to TUN/TAP : No buffer space available (code=55)

    From what I can see, it seems to connect but there is something blocking it or there is a permissions problem. I've uploaded screenshots of all the relevant configurations http://imgur.com/osLhPF6,iRpfKRv,Qcynbbh,87FjhRC,pqBmwMW,V9VOCz9,fhoZi4a,sB8Oayj,vGxNFF1,aViVuDG,Kk77X5m,PF2jTly,KNrjsD4,xF0DNmu#0 hope someone can have a look and tell me what is wrong…because at this point I have no idea.


  • Ok, after several hours of fiddling around I have sort of gotten it to work. Its a bit strange but after turn on comp-lzo in the advanced config it does seems to now work, ie if i go to whatsmyip.org it now shows as the strongvpn.

    It does seem to be quite slow and is constantly dropping…so this will require more work I feel but at least it is now working..

    I hope this will help others who have the same problem.