Traffic Graphs - Display Host Name and/or Host IP

  • Hi Everyone,

    Good day. I'd like to ask if there is a way or if there is a package that I could install to display the Host Name instead or together with the IP Address in the Status: Traffic Graph -> LAN webgui.  I tried to google it but the only results that seemed useful in github ended up to be broken links.

    Thank you!

  • On 2.1-RC0 you can choose to display 1 of IP Address, just the Host Name, or the FQDN.

  • ^ thanks for the reply… is there any way i can get that done on 2.0.1 or 2.0.3?

  • Yes, it would be technically possible to backport the code, but I don't think anyone will do that at this point in the development cycle. The easy way is to upgrade - 2.1 really does work, and there are lots of other little extras. I am sure the formal release will be very close to the current RC anyway.

  • thanks! i'll just try out 2.1 when i get home.

  • Can it default to the LAN interface?
    This is the way it used to be.

    Can be selected to default to either hostname or fullname?

  • I don't remember how it used to be (I guess you mean 2.0.n?) There is no code for saving defaults for next time. But it would be handy to have, if someone cares enough to add a "save settings" button.
    There was  discussion some time ago about making it always remember the last settings automatically. But on nanoBSD CF systems that would mean lots of unnecessary writes when a user is just selecting different settings in real time.

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