Help adding wifi AP to LAN

  • Hopefully someone can help-

    I've just finished a new install of pfsense which is working in wired mode. The configuration is the following:

    CableModem->WAN(108.X.Y.210)->Pfsense box->LAN(>SWITCH

    I am trying to extend the LAN with a wireless Access point. The LAN interface is setup for DHCP( adress range from I've configured the AP to have an address of and specified a gateway of and have plugged it into the switch.

    Problem is that I can connect to the AP which gives me an ip adress in the range above but, but I cannot acess the Internet.

    I've been searching the forums but have not found this specific setup.

    If anyone can give me some hint I would appreciate it.


  • I read that post before, but the AP hat I'm using is not a router, but is a true access point (engenius EAP600). There is no DHCP on the AP..My configuration seems identical to Thea article, but does not seem to work?

    Any other suggestions?

  • Please give more detail than "I cannot acess the Internet". For example, "When I point a browser to the browser reports …. "

    What connects to the AP - a phone? a windows laptop? a MAC desktop? .."

    It would probably help if you could provide output from the client when you execute the following commands (or equivalent):```

    ping -c 3
    ping -c 3 108.x.y.210
    ping -c 3

  • I'm not sure why you set your lan to, when would be the usual setting. It might that make the 254 address a problem?

    I'm using a similar setup but with a bit larger network and having no problems with it.

    Try this, don't assign an address to your AP but let it pull one in from ther pfSense DHCP server. Check the pfSense DHCP status ( pfsense/status_dhcp_leases.php ) and connect to your AP using the assigned IP. If that works then you may be having issues related to your addressing choices.

    I'm so far from an expert at this I hope one comes along… But what I'd do is change my LAN to /24 and see if things still worked. If they do then set up an IP assignment in pfSense ( pfsense/services_dhcp.php ) in the static mappings section and leave the AP set to fetch it from DHCP.

  • Hey thanks to all for the good suggestions and the help. I'll be back with results of the config tests shortly..

  • IF you use a WNDR3700v1/v2 setup would change with firmware. in the last firmware it moved AP mode uplink from the lan/switch ports to the WAN. This is described on the router AP setup page. however all other documentation on the netgear site shows the uplink on the lan, had me confused for a bit. I will also note at first i could only ping out through this setup had to factory reset it, and then move it to AP mode for it to work.

    I hope this helps! first time i have given an answer and not asked a question

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