Captive portal with static routes

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    pfSense-2.0.1-Relase ( x 2 - (2)buildings)
    multi wan , load balancing failover
    squid squidGuard lightsquid.

    Going to try and setup captive portal at both of our school buildings.

    Building one:
    One machine feeds a very simple one subnet  , of course captive portal sets up very easily in this scenario.

    Building two:
    Has four subnets  # this is the ONLY lan nic listed in pfSense machine  with this being the gateway for the other three subnets,  ip address This is the subnet for servers in the server rack &Long ago,,also fed an Novell network for admin PC's. # elementary netowrk # high school network  # teacher pc's goes to the other three subnets with a  static route listing for each in the pfSense machine.
    dhcp is provided to the routed subnets from an linux server that resides on each subnet.

    I know this is a one off setup but does work.

    As soon as I enable captive portal without authentication it appears the captive portal is trying to hit which hangs the web browser.
    What I am thinking is id have to put three more physical nics in the pfSense and enable captive portal on the three added nics,,and we would be golden.?

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  • Replying to my own post


    I think I found a post that run into the same scenario as mine and found the fix….
    My Bad...
    I will simply have to add the entire subnet (FROM)rather than A machine..

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  • Hello All,

    Sorry for replying to my own post again.
    I did try setting up my captive portal per the link I have in  post number two of this thread,and still cannot get captive portal to work with static routes.
    After some more searching it appears that my problem,is what is posted in this link.Bottom line the captive portal takes your to pfSense (ipaddress) rather that pfSense(hostname)

    I am not sure what I am wanting to do,,is possible with load balancing,failover, transparent proxy?,,,

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