Problem Captive Portal with Repeater

  • Hello

    I'm new here and not quite the look through. I have a problem but first to the data.
    Sense 2.0.3
    Lan1 computer in the office
    Opt1 (WLAN) for guests with captive portal voucher …..

    Ok so far everything works
    Just a little thing
    When a guest at the repeater (reception) he can log on with its voucher code on any other repeater to authenticate.

    Idle timeout = 5 min.
    Hard timeout = 20 min.

    Disable MAC filtering ....

    Can anyone tell me why this is?

  • Sorry, I don't understand what the problem is. Please restate in the form:
    When I do … I see ... but I expect to see ...

  • ok sorry my english is not the best …

    So hang on opt1 by lan cable 6 repeaters ...

    If I am to Repater 1 with a voucher code log in I get the internet so all ok
    But if I now the 2nd The repeaters go, too by lan cable depends on opt1 ... He shows me the login page and the voucher code will not work ....

    And just as it is when I constantly test the Mac address as releasing ....
    As soon as I go to another repeater I land on the voucher code page ...

    I hope you can understand it

    Thanks Tim

  • It is not clear to me what you expect to happen. It seems to me you are expecting to be able to login to captive portal with voucher and then wander between the the different "repeaters" without any interruption of service.


    He shows me the login page and the voucher code will not work

    what is reported by the browser when you attempt this?

  • you must set The Mac of your repeaters in the pass throug Mac of your AP.

    The repeaters are just like a PC so they must have access without auth.

  • H'm, still having troubles understanding the problem.

    Let me get this straight:
    You connect yourself with a PC to repeater1 - you use the voucher and it works.
    Now, you move on to the next repeater, call it repeater2, and you have to re-authenticate again, with a new voucher. Is that right ?

    Can you tell me what your IP was when you connected yourself to the portal when you were using repeater1 ? What is your IP when you use repeater2 ?

    Btw: normally, to make things simple to work with, you have some work to do.

    Behind the Portal-interface-NIC, you hook up a switch. On this switch, you hook up - by cable - all your wifi access points, and theses boxes should work in AP (Access Point) mode. These AP's should have their DHCP server function shut down. Never use the WAN ether net port on these devices (if one is present). I have many 'DD-WRT' on WRT54GL working like this for the last 10 years.

    Using repeater might change the IP …. this messes up the portal authentication.
    Using repeater might change the the MAC .... this messes up the portal authentication.
    "Repeaters" are nice boxes, but you only use one if nothing else is possible. You only move the 'cable' problem to a 'logical network' problem.
    Btw: I had some good experiences with AP-boxes using "WDS" mode.

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