ESXi 5.1 and Verizon FiOS Mac Address Cloning

  • Hi,

    I am running VMWare ESXI 5.1  The LAN side works fine, however since I am on Verizon FiOS, I am unable to pull the DHCP address from my ONT.  On most consumer routers, I would do a MAC Address clone and this would solve the problem.  This however is not the case when I use ESXi, and even after cloning the MAC Address on both the Virtual Machine Settings, and inside PfSense (and every combination of such), I am still unable to acquire a DHCP lease from my FiOS connection. I currently have a WAN switch configured, with the WAN connection feeding directly into it.  The only computer connected to the switch is PfSense. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get this working?  Has anybody gotten PfSense working through ESXi with FiOS?

    Thank You.


  • I don't really know much about Verizon FiOS but which MAC address are you trying to clone?  Did you have a Verizon-supplied router in there before?

    I suspect that, before unplugging it, you will have to release the IP from whatever was attached to the ONT or switch everything off until the DHCP lease expires.

  • I got it working.  For reference:

    First, my network adapter which is an intel did not have the correct drivers installed in Vmware so while the NIC card was recognized and appeared to be functioning, it actually was not.
    Second, Verizon had to release the IP from their system and do a port reset in order for the system to become delinked from the old Verizon router.

    It works great however and I am getting the full connection speed at 300mbps, no mac address cloning required.  Thanks for your help though.

  • Strange that the Intel card didn't get the correct drivers.  What model of card/controller?

    Glad to hear you got it working but now I'm envious of that 300Mb/s.

  • Your vswitch in ESXi must be set to promiscuous mode for a spoofed MAC to work. Without that set, only the MAC assigned to that NIC of the VM by the hypervisor will be allowed to work by the vswitch.

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