Traffic request port question.

  • I'm using Freeradius 2 authenticating users with their mac address.
    I have idle and a hard time out set.

    What I get is complaints that skype and or messenger disconnects all the time.
    As well as users having to open a browser and load a page before they can open an email program such as outlook or thinderbird.

    Is there a way to tell CP or FR2 to watch for ports other than just 80 ? Can I add Gmails port? And Skype's port and port 25 ? so the connections stay alive.

  • Let me rephrase
    Can CP be told to listen for traffic on ANY port besides port 80?

  • It will not solve your issue since poeple have to authenticate anyway.

  • I'm using Mac auth with free radius 2 . They log in automatically with out even knowing it.
    The main reason I set it up this way is so they can have access to IP/ hosts they need for work. (by pass the portal) And get a monthly quota of how much time / megs/ gigs wasted during breaks and the like on the net, not work related.

  • You have to change the ipfw fwd line as it was back in 2.0 or 1.2.x days to redirect everything.

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