Open VPN Multi Gateway

  • Guys,

    Let me paint you scenario.

    I have a datacentre which acts as the server for OpenVPN. I have 2 clients connecting to that server.

    In order for the clients to communicate with each other I have to add a route command route; and the same on the other side with the remote address so when the client wants to speak with the other client the connection goes up to the server first and then back down the correct tunnel. Simple?

    My problem is. One of the clients has a multigate configured for 2 WANs. so when one member is down the other WAN will kick in and provide internet access..

    Now the other client just has one gateway.. So they can ping all the addresses fine, and they get a response. The gateway with the multi WAN can ping the server LAN but not the client lan with the route command. If I change the default gateway back to default. It can ping the client going via the server. Whats going on?

    Is it because I have used UDP to connect all clients? Very strange.

  • Anyone at all? Any opinions?

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