Can ping/connect from pfSense box, but not LAN…

  • I have a VPN connection and the pfSense box is the client. I do not control the server, so cannot change configurations there. My OpenVPN connection connects and I can talk down the link. I have routed a particular connection down the OpenVPN connection and if I ping/login to the remote host from the command line on the pfSense box, it works perfectly. If I ssh in, the host for the ssh session is the OpenVPN IP. IT all works.

    If I try and ping from the LAN, the route isn't made. The OpenVPN routes don't work from the lan. Any ideas?

    I am running a 3 month old version of pfSense 2.1 if that matters.

  • Aha… Figured it out from:

    I needed to create an extra interface and gateway. All seems to work OK now...

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