Captive portal using Gmail accounts to authenticate wireless user

  • Hi guys, my teacher told me to configure captive portal using gmail account for authentication. I've searched, but the only solution I found is Cloudessa service. He said there is an other way not using cloudessa. What is it? Please help!

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    So… you want us to do your homework for you?

  • @jimp:

    So… you want us to do your homework for you?

    So that's how you treat your forum members? People come here to find answer, not another question.
    I just need some keywords. I've already done the project, just wanna do it the other way.

  • You already have your keyword - and you already know the way it works  ;)

    The authentication process is a two-phase procedure.
    When hitting the the portal autnetification page, the client should enter 2 credentials.
    The client should enter a gmail adress and an 'unkown' password.
    Of course, the client doesn't know this password.
    To retrieve this password, the user should enter his gmail mail account address.

    [[b]Hey, this procedure is being used by every site on the Internet !!!! - You saw it before - you used it before - it's always the SAME procedure]

    The portal code should send a mail to the visitors gmail mail address with the secret, randomly generated password.

    The client should login to the gmail's WEB mail interface to grab the 'challenge' mail - find the secret random.

    Back on the portal interface, the visitor has the password, he can login.

    All IP's from Google that are used to access the GMAIL web mail account servers should be listed as 'Allowed IP adress' on the portal service page.
    Maybe POP/IMAP accss should be handled as well, a part of the planet nevers uses web mails, they use mail-client software like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.
    Access to SSL (https) pages can be problematic when you aren't yet authenticated with the portal.

    This is a pure PHP coding exercise.
    I advise you to create a mail adress ( that can be used by your own portal code so it can safely send maisl to other gmail accounts.

    BTW: this is just an idea, not a solution. I didn't Google anything up - just used my memory.

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