Outgoing FTP Issue *fixed

  • I just wanted to post as I been fighting with this problem often.    Note that I have 2 firewalls  1.2 RC1 (production use) and 1.2RC2 (bench testing).

    I have 2 WANs being used in a "failover" situation (not load balance).  I tried doing this http://devwiki.pfsense.org/FTPTroubleShooting  however it did not work on either firewall.    If I disable FTP helper on all interfaces AND setup that rule listed in the troubleshooting tip it DOES work.    On both firewalls.

    I tried enabling it on all interfaces,  removing it on all but LAN.  I tried with and without the RULE.    Non of it works.  It blocks hard and doesnt really log much.  So FYI for you developers hope it helps as I read about FTP issues often.

  • I didn't even need to forward any ports for 1.2 RC2.  Just make sure that the helper is disabled on both WAN and LAN.  Thanks for the tip.

    Perhaps the helper docs do need to be updated, or the feature defaulted to off at least.  What sort of ftp setups require the helper?

  • Could you elaborate on your "FIX"

    We simply having a hell of a time with FTP over here:


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