OpenVPN MultiWan Port Forwarding Becoming Connectable

  • I use privateinternetaccess VPN and it works well in pfSense.  I use my VPN for out of region traffic because I am stationed outside of the US.  I set firewall rules up to direct specific ip addresses to the VPN and the others directly to the WAN because they don't need to be routed out to the US.  My problem is becoming connectable on private torrent sites.  Before setting up the VPN I was able to become connectable with no problems.  I added the VPN and even though I am routing around it I am still unconnectable.  So my question is where should I start looking to fix this?  Is it somewhere in the auto created NAT rules or is it somewhere in my firewall rules.  I have been searching through forums for the better part of two days now.  Any help is appreciated, thank you.

  • Hi,

    just to make sure what you have:

    You have one WAN connection and one (or more) LAN connections?
    Some traffic from LAN to the internet should go through the VPN and other should go through your origin WAN, right?

    It could be usefull to see your firewall LAN rules and if you have really PortForwarding enabled then the firewall rules on your WAN interface - at least for the PortForwarding rule.

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