Pfsense as KVM VM under OmniOS(Illumos) complains about DAD ipv6, can't install.

  • Hi there!

    We're running OmniOS(Illumos based dist) as our main OS in our environment, use it as base for our fibre channel storage(SAN), as hypervisors for KVM, as base for Solaris Zones, and as general server OS.
    Now we would like to get a Pfsense VM to work under KVM, but have issues with the installation so far. Installation stops when it discover DAD(Duplicate Address Discovery) ipv6 on all interfaces(em0, em1, em2).

    Is this normal behaviour? Perhaps the host(OmniOS) announcing some ipv6 addresses, and these are conflicting with the addresses Pfsense are assigning…? Someone know about this?

    I'll  post this on OmniOS discuss list as well....

    Regards Johan

  • Okay, no one seems to answer, it might be that not many people know the omnios/illumos platform, perhaps?

    So I try another way: I turned off address autoconfiguration in the ndpd.conf file on the omnios host(hypervisor host), but that didn't help. Know I'm thinking about removing all network interfaces, just to get the installation done.

    Then I need a way to disable ipv6 through the console, is there any that can provide me with some knowledge how to do that?

    After that I can probably enable the interfaces again, without the DAD ipv6 problem….

    Rgrds Johan

  • One more reply to my self here…

    I had to give up, at the moment on installing 2.03 as KVM on omnios. I choosed to install 1.2.3 instead, and that went fine, no problems what so ever, worked fine with internal virtual switches, and everything looks good. Question is, can I upgrade to the latest? Wouldn't actually think that...

    Rgrds Johan

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