Bi-directional access across pfSense VMWare appliance

  • Before I begin to configure anything…thought I'd ask whether what I'm trying to do is feasible.

    I think the pfSense VMWare appliance would work...just don't know how to architect it and configure it.

    I need a VMWare environment on my laptop for testing.  Environment will consist of three 2008 R2 servers(domain controller, SQL Server, application server).

    VMWare IP addresses: LAN interface), controller, dns, dhcp), server) and server)

    I need for the VMWare network to function even when on an airplane(meaning no real wireless network for laptop to connect to). So I would think "bridged" NICs in the VMWare environment would not work which leaves Vnet1 or <suggestion from="" another="" expert="">When an external wireless network is available(i.e., home wireless network, I need to be able to route traffic from the VMWare LAN to WAN environment and also route traffic back through the WAN to LAN(VMWare devices).

    I don't care about firewall least at this point...just bi-directional routing between the wireless subnet and the VMWare subnet.

    So with that said, what are the suggestions for doing this?  Or just point me to a doc where this has been done.

    Thanks for your help.</suggestion>

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