Just wanted to say awesome product!

  • I wanted to let the team know that I love PF Sense! I've evaluated or used most of the open source firewalls on the net over the years (Clark Connect, SME, Smoothwall, Untangle to name a few) and this one really stands out as being extremely well developed.

    I was very impressed with the installation process particularly how the LAN and WAN interfaces are selected and configured. PF Sense is by far the fastest and easiest firewall to get up and running.

    The user interface is extremely well done with configurable dashboards and menues.

    I was most impressed with the firewalls robust built-in features! PF Sense has everything I need out of the box. Its got so many features that the evening I installed it I stayed up way past my bedtime (like 3:00am) investigating them all. Needless to say my wife wasn't impressed… ha ha

    Another nice feature is the package manager. Again another very well implemented piece of pfsense to download and install third party apps.

    The firewall is high performing and doesn't slow down our Internet, if anything it speeds it up with squid caching.

    Great job team!

    regards, Jason

  • Just wanted to agree with the previous post-  easy, fast, powerful… nuff said

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