Create firewall rule from DynDns clients

  • Hello Guys.
    I have configured my pfsense box on bridge mode (transparent / monowall) and a new issue came up. I have created firewall rules (access lists) using a static ip source to an "internal" ip destination. I would like to use DynDns client as a source. For example i want to allow access to my internal server ( ip address  from an external DynDns client ( since the dynamic ip will change every so. Is there any way to configure this?

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On pfSense 2.x, make an alias, and put the dyndns host in the alias. It will be periodically resolved and updated as needed (checked every 5 minutes)

  • Hello jimp,
    thank you for your reply. I have create an alias ( as a host and i have use it in a firewall rule as a source single host or alias with no success.  When i change the source value with the dynamic ip of the client, the policy works fine. I think i miss something here. I also want to mention that i am not using any DNS servers on the firewall and i was wondering if this is the problem. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again

  • I did not know that.  Thats awesome.

  • jimp
    i think dns was the problem.
    thanks again!!

  • It does work ok as I set up a system over Xmas to use the service via pfsense.

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