Does OpenVNP always become default route? Is there a way to avoid that?

  • When I establish an OpenVPN connection, my routing table becomes like one attached.

    I want my WAN to be the default gateway and OpenVPN to be used for access to a few predefined servers.

    However two very strange routing rules appear after connection is established. The destinations are and and they go through OpenVPN.

    In the screenshot my WAN gateway is the default gateway, but any connection goes through OpenVPN anyway.

    Is that by design?

    Can I leave the OpenVPN connection up, but drop these routes?
    ![Google Chrome.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Google Chrome.png)
    ![Google Chrome.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Google Chrome.png_thumb)

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    Uhm… stop enabling redirect gateway on the OVPN server? :D The above is caused by --redirect-gateway def1

  • Solved by adding "route-nopull" to advanced options.

  • @antonio7:

    Solved by adding "route-nopull" to advanced options.

    Can you tell me where did you put "route-nopull"? I've got the very same problem. Unfortunately I am pfsense newbie and I am not sure where to put this "route-nopull"…

  • The OpenVPN client settings GUI page, Advanced Options box - that can take anything that is valid to add to an OpenVPN conf file - like route-nopull
    Just type it without quotes - it will be appended directly to the client conf file.

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