PFblocker not working all of a sudden

  • I am running a beta version and have been for some time (of PFsense itself) PFblocker was working enough that it blocked AD's in YouTube and even a few other sites but poof not working anymore no matter if I update the lists of blocked IP's it just seems as if it is not running even though it shows running!

    Anyone have this problem before and what can I do to fix it?

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    Without telling us which list is supposed to block what exactly and where exactly it's "poof not working" - afraid no, noone will tell you what to fix and how.

  • lol oops sorry well it is AD blocking list from the AD blocking link example in PFblock and even a few other lists I found around the PFsense forum. and "Poof not working"  was not a type of list BTW it was to explain that it just stopped working even after restart of the OS, I was asking if there was a bug I am not aware of with the Beta Pfsense daily build and PFblocker or should I just roll back to stable and forget trying to get it to work on the RC/beta?  \

    Is there a difference on the list being used as long as it is in the right format?

    One thing I would like to add I guess is that the country block part seems to work fine, it is only the self made lists part (no better way in mind to explain it) that adds a firewall rule

  • Do you actually get a pfBlocker firewall rule created that matches the list?
    Can you post some pfBlocker list configs and the resulting firewall rule/s (or lack of)?

  • Yes I get the rule in the firewall it just seems as if it is not working is all, I have no problem posting what ever is needed to help others and myself, just not sure on what you wanted sorry. I am a PFsense noob and moved over from DD-WRT, and have no or little experience with FreeBSD. I know a bit about Linux as that is what all my servers are running on (only saying all this so maybe the lingo gap for me can be bridged)

    I speak good English but suck at typing and spelling lol so very sorry if that is making things harder

    oh I think I know what you mean hold on, I will edit again in a sec

    this is where I get the list from and as far as posting the Firewall rule it is auto gen'ed by PFblocker but I could take a screen shot if you need it

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