• Hello !
    I have encounter some strange problem that can't resolve by myself
    Clinet creates gif connection from my ${lan} to some other mahine so some states
    self ipencap {some_inet} <- {on_lan_client}       MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    self ipencap {on_lan_client} -> {wan_ip} -> {some_inet}       SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC

    And have no connection seems to be problem on my side. maybe ipencap not pass from wan to lan ?

    temporary i add rule for client like that

    pass in quick on xl0 inet proto tcp from any port = ftp-data to (xl0) port > 49000 user = 62 flags S/SA keep state label "FTP PROXY: PASV mode data connection"
    pass quick proto ipencap all_
    anchor "dhcpserverlan" all

  • Can't say that I have ever seen the need for this.  Can you explain why that option is only needed in you're case?