WRAP as wireless AP with wlm54g (Atheros) works only if pinging WHY???

  • Hi…

    Here's what i have: (need any more infos? just let me know)

    WRAP Board
    wlm54g Atheros Wireless (Has two Antenna Ports, turned one off through sysctl command, (BTW setting won't stick when i put it in the sysctl.config any ideas how i can achieve that?)
    Pfsense Version 1.2RC2
    LAN: Ethernet 1
    WAN: Ethernet 2 (to Cable Modem configured trough DHCP)
    WLAN: Mode: Access Point, WEP, Bridged with LAN, Firewall rule to pass any to any and all protocols

    The behavior i am experiencing is rather strange... i can connect Notebooks (dell d620/apple iBookG4), I get an IP through DHCP... so far so good... now when i try to get a webpage, the first few bits get loaded and then suddenly everything stops... then i fire up "cmd" or "terminal.app" and issue a ping to a remote site to check connectivity... exactly in that moment the page starts loading again... when i continuously ping the outside world i don't experience any stalls... when i stop pinging -> first few bits get loaded... then nothing...

    I played around with diversity and turned off the antenna that isn't connected... that improved the range... but not the pinging phenomenon... that's the only positive thing i can report after hours of frustrating trial and error with the wireless and firewall settings... even installing older versions of pfsense didn't change the behavior...

    What am i missing??? been pondering for a while now... anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks... any help appreciated...

    Mike :-)

  • could you post the content of your system log when that happens?

  • It looks like, due to bridging, the arp table isn't populated correctly.
    try tcpdump -i bridge0 (or whatever bridgeN corresponds this interfaces pair) and see what's going on when you try to access the web page and are getting a timeout.

    watch for messages like "who has arp blablabla" and replies

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