CP authentication page cannot be displayed by Apple MACBOOK computers [SOLVED]

  • HI

    I've read some about this issue on this forum without any apparent solution,
    Also it seems to me a big problem as many Apple device users are working or could be work with MAC machines :

    Pfsense CP just working fine with Windows or Android machine (also iPad - iPhones )
    Checked with a local MacBook air (  IOS 10.8.4 ) , the CP login page cannot be displayed, either via WIFI or wired lan
    It would be an unpleasant problem in environment such an Internet-cafe or hotel….

    Some useful or working solution please ???

    Thank you very much

  • Trying here and there,  I found the solution in adding DNS servers IP addresses on the SERVICES–>CAPTIVE PORTAL-->ALLOWED IP ADDRESSES  section

    MacBook are happy to display captive portal login page thus navigate correctly now....

    It's strange only these devices need such a trick

    Hope it helps....

  • Which address for DHCP?  The the IP of pfsense to use the forwarder, the DHCP address pfsense uses, or some other DHCP servers the MACs use that you somehow know?

  • Pfsense DHCP server enabled on LAN
    It releases addresses to all machine on LAN included MacBook
    The DNS address it releases to client is its own LAN address (so for the clients the DNS address is the same as the GATEWAY address : ) as it acts as forwarder
    The real DNS on internet Pfsense uses are declared on System-> General setup

    Did you note something I miss ??


  • Nope - You did it just the way I would.  I just thought maybe I was missing something.

  • Ok,
    Anyway it works now, that's the important thing.. ;D

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